BYOC Membership 2.0 Oldies, but Goodies Episode 37: How to Declutter Your Life

Episode 37: How to Declutter Your Life

Aug 13, 2017 | Podcast | Legendary Marriage

If you and your spouse know that clutter is taking some of the joy, time and energy out of your family, this episode is for you. Heather E. Clark breaks down the “why” and the “how to’s” in making your home a place where you’re available to have fun with your family, without the constant drain that clutter creates.

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Oldies, but Goodies

These are past episodes that I was a guest for either a FB Live, podcast episode, etc. under my old brand "Home & Office Detox" (actually at one point it started as "Home Office Detox"...lots of changes over the years).

So these still have great significance, and shows you that change is a constant thing. 

We are always changing.

Which is GOOD!

I remember hearing that if you aren't embarrassed by your first version , you waited too long to get it out into the world!


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