BYOC Membership 2.0 Oldies, but Goodies The New Moon Mama Show - Episode 3

The New Moon Mama Show - Episode 3

On today's show, my guest Heather E Clark (Home & Office Detox w/ Heather Clark), as we discuss upcycling, decluttering, and what it all has to do with stress and self-care! And of course, I'll have your lunar update and group intuitive message!

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Oldies, but Goodies

These are past episodes that I was a guest for either a FB Live, podcast episode, etc. under my old brand "Home & Office Detox" (actually at one point it started as "Home Office Detox"...lots of changes over the years).

So these still have great significance, and shows you that change is a constant thing. 

We are always changing.

Which is GOOD!

I remember hearing that if you aren't embarrassed by your first version , you waited too long to get it out into the world!


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