BYOC Membership 2.0

BYOC Membership 2.0

Ready to clear the clutter ?

Ready to declutter your 'stuff' (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) to live the best possible life you are here to live?

Then BYOC (bring your own clutter) Membership 2.0 is for you!

Join a group of motivated people who are clearing out the “stuff” that is hindering their productivity, relationships, and overall health.


Focus on getting clarity in your life and business without getting stuck


Develop ways of clearing out the clutter: emotionally, mentally, and physically


Extensive plans and resources to get your home, business and life organized

Clutter = stress = low to no productivity

Time looking for things = lost money⁣⁣

⁣⁣Disorganization = missed opportunities⁣⁣

The Solution? BYOC Membership.

Join Monthly BYOC Membership for only $59/month (CAD)

What you get with the membership:

  • FREE Facebook Group 
  • Access to the Mind Purge Mastery product ($47 value)
  • Access to PDFs, checklists, video/audio training, etc that I create inside the membership
  • Unlimited Access to training/Lives that will happen inside the FB group (that will include any downloads if applicable) which will be uploaded into the membership area
  • Access to upcoming courses, etc. that I will provide in the future with a discounted price
  • Discount pricing on the Annual Mastermind Weekend (end of year/beginning of the year depending on schedules) to make sure you get the most of the year planned and ready to GSD.

Join Annual Membership for only $590/year (CAD)

What you get with the Annual membership:

  • All the above
  • PLUS a 30-minutes 1:1 call with me, Heather, each quarter
  • and Two months FREE when paid in full

Roadmap For BYOC Membership

  1. Past guest experiences/training upload (min 10 so far)(DONE)
  2. Decluttering with Kids section
  3. Room by room decluttering
  4. Room by room cleaning checklists (DONE)
  5. Group trainings that happen inside the Free FB Group uploaded (removed from the group after 1 week)
  6. Resources of helpful links/ pages/ sites.
  7. and so much more...

6 Modules

Habit Tracker

Track your daily habits and daily moods to get a better understanding of how you're affected emotionally, mentally, and physically throughout the day.


7 Areas to be mindful of when clearing the clutter.








Digital Declutter Challenge

Congratulations !

You are ready to clear out your digital clutter in a simple and effective way!

Here's what we cover:

Day 1 - Categories

Day 2 - Purge

Day 3 - Organize

Paper Clutter

Paper Clutter.....SUCKS!!!

That's why I've created this step by step guide and checklist to help you clear the number 1 clutter culprit that's taking up your physical, mental, and emotional space.


This is an on-going process, life seems to think we need a million pieces of paper. So come back to this guide regularly and if you need any help, ask.

Oldies, but Goodies

These are past episodes that I was a guest for either a FB Live, podcast episode, etc. under my old brand "Home & Office Detox" (actually at one point it started as "Home Office Detox"...lots of changes over the years).

So these still have great significance, and shows you that change is a constant thing. 

We are always changing.

Which is GOOD!

I remember hearing that if you aren't embarrassed by your first version , you waited too long to get it out into the world!



Getting the kids on-board with clearing out their rooms/ lives isn't easy, but it's so doable.

These next lessons are for you to help your kids, for you to print off and let your kids use themselves, and to start the conversation to help your kids through constant transitions in life.

Modules for this product 6

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